Thai Meiji Pharmaceutical Company Limited operates the only plant in Southeast Asia to initiate fermentation in its manufacturing process. The company uses microorganism strains that originated from Japan, beginning with the seed culture, continuing with fermentation to achieve the active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Furthermore, Thai Meiji Pharmaceutical Company Limited manufactures many dosage forms of pharmaceutical products such as capsules, tablets, syrup, powder, suspension, injections, and others including veterinary pharmaceuticals to suit the needs of both human and veterinary consumers.

Under the latest Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standard regulation from Thailand and Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Agency (PMDA) from Japan and comprehensive production stream for both human and animal pharmaceuticals, the consumers can rest assured that the company’s drugs are fully quality, safe for consumption, and trusted by medical and veterinary professionals worldwide.

Due to the several kinds of our products, Thai Meiji have to seperate production lines for specificity and suitability to each product as follows.

  1. Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) Production : Producing active pharmaceutical ingredients in the kind of antibiotic with fermentation technology from state-of-art technology from Japan

  2. Veterinary Formulation : Specific production house for veterinary drugs of feeds.

  3. Formulation : Sterile Product Producing sterile powder and solution for injection with aseptic technique and also terminal sterilization.
    Non-Sterile ProductOur technology can supply various kinds of dosage forms, tablet, capsule, vial and precipitation vial and specific indication.

  4. Quality Control and Quality Assurance :

    To ensure that pharmaceutical products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standard, Thai Meiji Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. focuses on the importance of all aspects of the business, may it be premises, machinery, instruments and modern technology. Special attention is given to training of personnel to be highly experienced and knowledgeable in GMP standard practices, along with closely monitored quality control prior to product delivery.

    Our plant compiles with GMP, which is trusted and accepted by the Food and Drug Administration of Thailand and Japan. Strict quality control is performed by pharmacists of quality control and quality assurance department, which is independent of the production department.

    With standadized and comprehensive production stream for both human and animal pharmaceuticals, the consumer can rest assured that the compnay’s drugs are fully quality safe for consumption, and trusted by medical and veterinary professionals.


Our business is mainly focus on antibiotics, bone & joint and GI tract which come from importing and manufacturing with high standard for the best quality to provide healthier lives for public and private healthcare around Thailand.

We have been supplying original research and generic drugs, injection and oral forms, for 35 years and now expanding our business to supply the world of generic for the higher needs.

We are developing our business to be “Specialty and Generics Pharmaceutical Company” same as policy from Meiji Seika Pharma Co., Ltd. and in the near future, we will expand our business into “Health and Beauty for Daily Lives” to fulfill the healthier lives.


Our veterinary specialists have high standard of knowledge that can provide good practices to farmers and feedmills industry. We also provide high quality drugs following to Meiji’s and accepted international standard especially for feedmills industry and farms around Thailand.


Thai Meiji Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has business activities with international companies in Japan, Taiwan and ASEAN countries. We have been importing and exporting high quality pharmaceutical products to these countries for many years.

Starting from 2015, South East Asia region has become one as ASEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY (AEC) and Thailand is perfectly located in center as a hub for the region. We ae developing and expanding our business to the growing part in this region such as Vietnam, Myanmar and Cambodia.

On the other hand, we also have the capability for licensing in pharmaceutical products from international companies around the world. Thai Meiji Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. will also be a “Specialty and Generic Pharmaceutical Company” for Thailand and AEC region to support the goals of Meiji Seika Pharma Co., Ltd.




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